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Planet Denver Consultants Inc. prides itself on being a systems integrator truly deserving of the overused adjective known as "unique" - Unique in our commitment and the breadth of capabilities and solutions we bring to our clients.  This is the cornerstone of our management philosophy. We are not a transaction driven organization and do not solicit business from transaction-oriented clients. We strive to establish long-term relationships with hard work, determination, honesty and integrity, and are thus better able to serve the needs of our clients by understanding the idiosyncrasies of their industries and unique network installations.

An evidence of our commitment to service is our investment in, and our dedication to client communications, our technical staff is available almost around the clock, via email enabled smart phone devices, always-on Internet connections, and live-person customer support during business hours, and 24-hour support for customers with a valid 24/7 support agreement.  Planet Denver also provides its customers with a 24-hour online Help Desk and Network Monitoring Center where you can create and track all of your support requests, and monitor your network from any place there is an Internet connection.

Planet Denver possesses unusually large project capabilities, but are also driven by a desire to be of service to small business, small-office and home-office clients. In fact, this group is usually most dependent on our support as they lack extensive in-house capabilities. Whether it involves the weekend emergency replacement of a failed component or merely acting as a sounding board for your systems thoughts, we are available to keep your investment in hardware and software productive for your business.

Finally, fiscal responsibility is the cornerstone in our organizational structure. We are in an industry not always known for financial strength and longevity. For these reasons we have made a significant commitment to maintain financial breadth and depth. This often results in more attractive pricing from our vendors, which is always passed along to our clients.

Planet Denver is a company run by business people and designed to serve business people.


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